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An iPhone battery replacement might be necessary if your phone is older. iPhone battery life is subject to decline over time. Older iPhone models are more susceptible to battery deterioration. There are still things you can do that will prolong the battery life. These are 10 habits that can cause your iPhone to die.

  1. Signal Searching

Low signal areas are the most common reason for iPhone battery death. This can be prevented by turning off your WiFi when you are not connected to a network. If there isn’t enough signal to allow your data to work, you can use airplane mode. You can only have either your data or WiFi on at the same time.

  1. An Excessive Number of Notifications

Constant alerts can deplete the battery life of your iPhone over time. Only turn on alerts for items you really need to know about. Your phone’s battery will be grateful.

  1. Brightness

There’s a reason why smartphones feature auto-brightness. The function keeps your screen viewable while also preventing you from having to replace your iPhone battery too soon. The constant usage of a bright screen depletes the battery.

  1. Low-power mode is not used

This is another feature that serves a purpose. Low power mode lets your iPhone’s battery life to adjust to the percentage it’s at, preventing it from being damaged further.

  1. Extreme Temperatures

When it comes to damage, you already know that submerging your phone in water is a major no-no. Extremes of heat and cold can also be an issue. If you allow your phone freeze or overheat, you should expect to need a new battery shortly.

  1. Quitting applications on a regular basis

It takes some battery power to open and close applications. Repeated acts like these might deplete the battery life of your iPhone. Instead of dismissing the entire app between each new Snapchat or text, leave it open while you’re using it.

  1. Use data even when WiFi is available

Your battery will last longer if you use WiFi instead of data. In most circumstances, it’s also less expensive, therefore there are two compelling reasons to do so.

  1. Charging when the battery is fully Charged

Unplug your phone once your battery is fully charged. The battery can be damaged if it is left plugged in for more than 100 percent. It is better to charge your phone throughout the day, even if you only use it for a few minutes, than overnight, when it will remain fully charged for many hours.

  1. Leaving your phone to Die

It’s not good for your battery to allow your phone to go completely dead. This is worse than charging your phone past 100 percent. Both of these habits can cause your iPhone to need replacement. Keep your iPhone’s battery in top shape by plugging it in at 40 percent charge.

  1. Keeping non-essential apps

You should delete any apps that you don’t use or drain your battery life. You shouldn’t allow apps you don’t use often to run in the background. Your iPhone’s battery life will be improved by limiting the storage you have.

iPhone Battery Replacement Near Me

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