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If you’re lucky or diligent, your iPhone backup to iCloud has been running in the background and you don’t need to worry about it. If you’re like most iPhone owners, your iCloud space has run out and you don’t have a backup. We are contacting you if you have been receiving messages that your iCloud space has reached its limit and that you need to buy more.


You have probably not been worried: the photo is already on your phone so it’s no big deal. Unless your iPhone is damaged or lost. Do not wait for the day that something terrible happens to your iPhone. You need to be able to backup it manually.

I don’t need an iCloud backup because my iPhone screen is damaged.

You should be alright if you simply need modest exterior repairs. Even in these circumstances, it’s possible that your phone will require further maintenance that necessitates internal access. Alternatively, you may have major faults that prohibit your phone from being fixed, necessitating the purchase of a new phone. You may lose some contacts, texts, emails, photographs, and other data if you don’t back up your iPhone to iCloud.

I’m only missing a SIM card.

Important information is stored on your SIM card. Make sure you transfer it if you have a temporary or new device. It does not include photos, E-mails or any other data. Many smart phones can store all that information in their memory. To ensure that you have all your data, a backup to iCloud from iPhone is essential.

How can I make storage space for iCloud backups?

Browse through your photographs, starting with the oldest, to free up some storage space. Delete any that you don’t require. You may have taken three or four of the same photo to choose the finest, but you never deleted the others. Clean up your old messages and emails if you haven’t already. Keeping these three items up to date usually suffices to provide adequate space for daily backups from iPhone to iCloud. If it doesn’t, you may pay for iCloud storage for a little charge. If you require this much information, it could be worth it.

How do I back up to iCloud before I have a problem or need to replace my phone?

Here’s how to iCloud backup your iPhone:

  1. Make sure your iPhone has Wi-Fi access and that it remains connected throughout the process
  2. Go to Settings – Your name is at the top. Tap to access Apple ID, iCloud and iTunes.
  3. iCloud-Tap
  4. Now, pull down to iCloud Backup Tap Back Up Follow the instructions above if you receive the message “Not enough storage available”.

It is clear that backing up your iPhone once it needs repair can be very difficult or even impossible for you to do. You need to maintain a current backup of your iPhone to the iCloud in case something happens to your phone.

If your iPhone needs repair, and you do not have a recent backup, the trained technicians at M6 Repairs may help you get a backup and repair your phone or help you with a replacement. Contact M6 Repairs for all of your cell phone, tablet, or smartwatch questions, issues, or needs. We look forward to the opportunity to impress you with our service, pricing, and highly trained technicians.

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