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It’s almost as much fun to watch a progress bar slowly move across your screen as it is to watch paint dry. This is normal, but if you experience frequent data connection issues, there are some things you can do at home. Find out how the CPR Cell Phone Repair Team can help you fix slow mobile data.

5 Ways to Improve a Bad Data Connection

Signal issues can cause frustration, whether you are having trouble loading web pages or waiting to receive a message. You pay for data and expect connectivity. These issues are usually temporary, which is a good thing. These steps can help you speed up your internet if it is slowing down for more than a few minutes.

Restart Your Phone

A quick refresh of your phone is an obvious, but often overlooked solution. To see if your data speed improves, try restarting your phone. The steps to restart your iPhone vary depending on the model. To get the onscreen menu, press and hold the power or volume down buttons on your Android phone.

Activate and deactivate Airplane Mode

You can toggle Airplane mode to get your mobile data up and running. After enabling Airplane mode, give your phone approximately a minute before turning the device back on. This will allow your phone to fully disconnect from Wi-Fi and cell connections.

Examine Your Data Usage

Background apps can slow down your internet connection. You can disable access to mobile data if you suspect that this is the problem. This can be done on an iPhone under Settings > Cellular. For Android devices, navigate to Settings > Network and internet > Mobile network > Data usage.

You may want to also check whether you have data saver or low data settings enabled if you don’t have unlimited internet. If you are in your network settings, disable them to increase your signal strength.

Consult Your Carrier

Your carrier could be responsible if you don’t experience WiFi connection problems but have poor mobile data signal. Outages can occur, even if your provider is reliable. Before calling in, make sure to check if any other users are having issues. To see if the problem is widespread, you can visit Downdetector.

Take out your SIM card

If these troubleshooting techniques have not solved your problem, it is time to try a more complex approach. Use a SIM card tool, or a folded paperclip to remove your SIM card. You can then check for damage on the SIM card and place it back in your phone. The friendly technicians at M6 Repairs are available to assist if you have any questions or concerns about the card.

Refresh Your Network Settings is a bonus iPhone-only tip

Apple recommends that you reset your phone’s network settings. However, this will cause your phone to lose all saved Wi-Fi networks and VPN connections. This is a last resort. You can try it by going to Settings > General >Reset > Reset Network Setting.

If your mobile data speed is still slow, you may need to consult a professional. The M6 Repair shop can help you identify the root cause. Contact us today to get back on track!

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