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A laptop that doesn’t work properly is the worst thing. Laptop repair issues can be a major inconvenience because you invested money in it and depend on it for work and personal use. You may be able troubleshoot some issues and get a quick fix for most laptops. Continue reading to find out more about the 10 most common laptop repairs issues and how you can fix them.

Simple Fixes for Common Laptop Issues

  1. Your laptop does not turn on

The power button is pressed, but nothing happens. A complete failure of the laptop to turn on can be a common problem. This can cause you to lose access to important files and programs. There are several possible causes for a laptop that doesn’t make any noises or lights up.

Make sure that your computer is fully charged. Your AC adapter may have failed if it is not charging. The AC adapter can be tested with a voltmeter, or you can buy a new one. If the AC adapter fails, you can test the DC jack to see if it is causing the problem.

  1. The screen is completely blank

Your laptop will not turn on if it shows any signs of being turned on such as lights and sounds but your screen is blank. This can be frustrating as your computer appears functional, but the screen is blank. To begin, unplug the laptop from the power source and take out the battery. Hold down the power button for approximately a minute, then plug it back in. Then, you can replace the battery and start the computer again.

If this does not work, it could be a memory problem. Verify that the memory modules contact the slot. You may need to replace the memory module entirely.

To determine the cause of the problem, you can also remove components such as your modem, hard drive, keyboard, and modem. The motherboard or processor is most likely to be the cause of your screen’s blank appearance.

  1. The laptop keeps turning on and off.

Your laptop may turn on and off by itself after you power it on. You may experience a flickering screen or your laptop might shut down completely. Check your memory modules and replace them. Your motherboard could be the problem.

  1. When the laptop is running, it emits an odd noise

Laptops emit some sound when they turn on, usually the fan whirling. You may hear your laptop make more annoying sounds when it is running. You should check your cooling fan if you hear a grinding sound or a rattling noise.

Your laptop may still make noises, even though the fan is off. This could be coming from your hard disk. You can backup your data before you replace the hard drive.

  1. Laptop shut down or freezes

Your computer freezes or shuts down after you start using it. This annoying occurrence can result in lost data or unsaved files. However, it should not be a cause for concern. Check the bottom of your laptop if it freezes or shuts off. It is possible that the problem is caused by heat. To prevent dust from blocking the processor’s cooling, clean out your heat sink and fan.

  1. The battery is not charging correctly.

There are a few things you can do to fix your laptop’s problem with charging. To adjust the position of the AC adapter plug, move the cord around. You may see your laptop charging again or notice that the adaptor cord is frayed. You will need to replace your battery if it stops charging.

  1. The illumination on the screen is insufficient

You may experience strain when trying to see your laptop screen on dim screens or with failing screen lights. You may have a problem with your screen inverter, backlight lamp or other components of your laptop. These components can be replaced to fix your screen light problem.

  1. On the screen, there is an odd or jumbled image

It is possible that your screen image appears distorted or strange. It can make it difficult to complete tasks on your laptop, whether the image looks distorted or the color are not right. Use an external monitor to view your laptop. Your graphics card may be responsible if the screen displays strangely. Your motherboard, video cable or display may be the problem.

  1. The keys on the keyboard have ceased functioning

Did you ever find yourself typing and then realize that some letters are missing? Or that the keyboard keys don’t display the correct characters? Sticky keys may be the issue. To fix this, remove the keycaps and clean underneath them. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, you may need to replace your keyboard.

  1. When you first start up, you’ll hear a repetitive beep sound

You should expect normal start up sounds when you turn on your laptop. You may hear repetitive beeping and see a blank screen. It is possible to have problems with start up due to a stuck key, but this is often a simple fix.

How to Resolve the Problems

You should seek professional help if you are having trouble diagnosing common problems with your laptop. M6 Repairs is the trusted source for PC and Mac repair. Mobile PC Medics has the expertise to fix any problems with your laptop.

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