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Because most smartphones have non-removable batteries, changing one has become much more time-consuming and, in some cases, costly. It’s not something you should attempt unless you have prior expertise fixing phones, since you risk exacerbating the problem. It may be a day-long effort to disassemble your phone, which includes detaching the screen from all of its sensors and connections in newer models. Now the question is, when should you replace your phone battery?

When Should You Replace Your Battery?

When replacing a smartphone battery, there are several things you should consider. First, determine how long the battery has been lasting. You can find battery health information for iPhone 6 and older devices in Settings > Battery > Health. This section will show you the maximum battery capacity, peak performance capabilities, and sometimes even a message about your battery.

Your Apple device’s lithium-ion battery will be able to function at its maximum capacity from the beginning. Your battery’s lifespan will be reduced by charging cycles. This is defined by Apple as using the battery up to 50% power and then charging it up to 100% power. A healthy lithium-ion battery should be able to function at 80% capacity or more. Apple recommends that you replace your battery if it drops below 80%.

Buying a New Phone vs. Replacing a Phone Battery

Another issue that may influence your decision to replace your smartphone battery is the phone’s decreasing functioning. Many iPhone users have reported sudden shutdowns, prolonged app loading times, and the inability to use the device until it is plugged in. These can be incredibly aggravating situations, but they’re not uncommon on older phones or those with weak batteries. Screen for charging a smartphone’s battery

These experiences, as well as the information available in your phone’s settings, should help you make an informed selection. Another factor to think about is the model of your phone. When comparing the cost of a battery replacement to the cost of a new smartphone, the latter may be the better option for you, but it is a matter of personal preference.

You have the option of purchasing a brand new phone or a refurbished smartphone to save money. M6 Repair is a fantastic place to find reconditioned Apple and Samsung devices.

You may not, however, require an update. If you decide to replace the battery, you’ll need to find a reputable repair shop. M6 Repair knows how to replace cell phone batteries for both older and newer iPhone and Android devices! With over 850 locations globally, there’s certain to be one near you. Here’s where you can find an M6 Repair Center near you.

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