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In case there is no Electronic Device Repair Service near you or you don’t have time to
visit our store, no need to panic.We accept mail-in repairs on all our devices, 24
hours a day. Once we receive your device, our team will contact you
immediately with an estimate of the cost and time needed
to repair it. You won’t be required to pay
until the service is complete.

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M6Repairs Ltd.
170 Slade Rd, Erdington,
Birmingham B23 7PX, UK

Click on the button below to fill our form with your details and post it along with your device which needs to get fixed.

In case of any question feel
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Questions About How To Post Your Device?

All you have to do is write your name, number, return address, fault or symptoms and password of your device on a piece of paper and post it along with your device. Once we have received your device you will get confirmation email or text from us receiving it. We will quote you on the fault if we have not already done it before you sent us the device. when quote is accepted we will repair your device and send you the invoice which can be paid either by PayPal or bank transfer once the invoice is cleared we will post your device back to you.

If you have a specific issue not addressed on our Website , feel free to call us, email. Knowing the make and model number your device is helpful to give you a price.

Postal repairs can be paid via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal and Bank Transfer.

There are some devices we do not Repair due to lack of parts, age, & other reasons. Do feel free to call Or email us to ensure that your issue is repairable before sending it in.
We do not Repair mother boards with prior work.
We do not work on boards that have been already been worked on. If sending in a board that has had prior work, please contact us first to see if an exception can be made in your case.
We do not accept board-only repairs.
We only work on devices when the full Device is sent – we do not work on board only repairs where the Mother board is sent by itself.

We Charge £10 for phones and £20 For Laptops or Tablets. For larger, heavier devices, an additional fee for Postage may apply, or we may send it back without insurance if the shipping for your device reaches over £20.

We accept Posts at our store location The address is written below and on contact us page.
170 Slade Road, Erdington
Birmingham, United Kingdom
B23 7PX
This really depends on what you’re having done. Most screen repairs are done the same day. Same for keyboards, trackpads. Data recovery can be anywhere from one day to a month, motherboard repair can take anywhere from an hour to six weeks depending on the severity of the issue.
For your particular situation, feel free to email or call us to inquire about the turnaround time for your particular device.