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Back Camera Replacement

Unable to capture your precious moments? Let our professionals fix it for you without having to replace your expensive phone.

Battery Replacement

Battery issues in your smartphone? Fret not, simply bring your phone to our certified technicians at M6repairs & we will replace the battery in no time.

Charging Port Flex Replacement

Are you having trouble charging your Android or Apple Device? Bring your device to us and we will fix it in no time. 

Front Camera Replacement

It doesn't matter what caused your camera to stop working as it should. Even if your phone isn't under warranty, we at M6repairs can and WILL fix it!

Game Console Repair

Have you got a broken console? Our gaming console repair specialists at M6Repairs will be glad to fix it for you.

Laptop & Mac Repair

M6Repairs offers guaranteed PC or Macbook Repair Services for all hardware or software related issues like screen repair, motherboards, hard disks etc.

Network Unlocking

We are leaders in mobile phone unlocking services & will provide you with the most reliable assistance in a timely manner at a reasonable price.

Screen Replacement

Our team is dedicated to providing prompt, efficient & affordable repair services for your damaged device screens.

Tablet Repair

We provide fast & affordable Tablet repairs for iOS, Android & Windows systems. Rely on us when you need Tablet repair service you can count on.

Water Damage Repair

If you have tried your ways & your phone is yet not working let us diagnose your phone. Our expert technicians at M6Repairs will fix it.