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If you have an iPad, you’ll want to take advantage of these time-saving suggestions. Whether you’re heading into the workplace or getting ready for back-to-school, the latest iPadOS tips can help you get more done while on the go. Learn how to make the most of your iPad’s productivity features in the video below.

6 Productivity-Increasing iPad Tricks

Apple is constantly revealing new ways to make the iPad more laptop-like. While the device previously displayed webpages like an iPhone running iOS, the release of iPadOS in 2019 gave the tablet more productivity potential by allowing it to behave more like a desktop. These pro tips will help you get the most out of iPadOS features, whether you have an iPad 8, an iPad Pro, or an iPad mini.

  1. Customize Your Widgets and Dock

Customize your dock and Today View widgets to ensure that the information you need frequently is merely a tap away. You can tap, hold, and drag the apps you want into either section, just like you can with your Home Screen. The dock on your tablet comes preinstalled with default iPad apps, but you can turn them off under the Home Screen & Dock section of Settings.

  1. Use Split View to Your Advantage

Do you need to use many apps at the same time? Split View isn’t supported by all iPad apps, but it does function with the majority of the most popular ones. Drag another app up from your dock while one is open. You may now modify the size of the windows by sliding the split-screen in either way. Slide the bar to the edge of your screen to close the app once you’re finished.

  1. Organize Your Files with Ease

You’re missing out on some great capabilities if you haven’t already become acquainted with the Files app. This tool is comparable to macOS’s file management, allowing you to simply duplicate, move, compress, and write notes, among other things. Bonus tip: You may scan paper documents and convert them to PDF files using the Files app. Select Scan Documents from the “…” icon in the app’s left sidebar. The file will be scanned, cropped, and saved using the camera on your iPad.

  1. Connect with Cloud Storage

Once you’ve mastered Files, you can expand your storage options by adding more cloud storage. The file management app on your iPad will save files straight to your iPad or to iCloud by default, but you may link it to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and other services.

  1. Stick with Safari

Apple devices, in general, are better suited to Apple apps than Android devices, and the iPad’s online surfing is no exception. Prefer Safari to other browsers, such as Google Chrome. Safari will appear on iPadOS as it would on a desktop computer, offering you more functionality than other options.

  1. Additional Accessories Can Help You Unlock More Potential

Although you can’t install macOS on your iPad, you can make your workflow more laptop-like with a few more accessories. You may not need to purchase anything else if you already have a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. If you have the money, installing Apple’s magic keyboard will allow you to use your tablet as a laptop by snapping on and off the keyboard and trackpad.

With these productivity tools at your disposal, you can save time on routine tasks by using keyboard shortcuts and trackpad motions. Do you want to know more? The Apple Pencil’s extra versatility, which allows you to swiftly transform handwritten notes to text, may appeal to both creatives and scribblers.

Finally, if you have an additional monitor laying around, you can use it as an external display or use Apple Sidecar to link your Mac to your iPad.

You’ll be more productive than ever with these techniques in your sleeve! Of course, if your iPad isn’t operating, these suggestions won’t help you much. Visit M6 Repair store for skilled help bringing your iPad up to speed and discovering tech accessories to support your needs.

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