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The Silent Charging Port Killer

It is becoming increasingly difficult to charge your phone. Are you finding it more difficult to charge your phone? Temporary fixes like wrapping or forcing the cable to charge can cause damage to your phone. There is a way out. You might not think so. We need to shift our attention to the place where millions of people keep their phones charged. The laundry room.

Pocket-Lint, Really?

Yes. Pocket-lint. We have repaired hundreds of phones that had “broken charging ports.” Some of our customers visited us after Apple informed them that they needed a costly repair or a new phone.

Pocket-lint and dust can build up over time in your charging port. The lightning cable compacts the lint every time your phone is charged. The debris is compacted so that canned air and a duster won’t be able to remove it. We need a narrow, rigid tool to remove the debris. Toothpicks won’t work. You can bring your charging port to one of our shops if you aren’t comfortable with it being cleaned. We do charge port cleanings for free.

“You don’t have to clean your charging port yourself. Come by one of our shops. We do charging port cleanings for free.”

We do sometimes see phones with damaged charging ports that cannot be repaired by simple cleaning. These ports are the most vulnerable parts of your phone and can be damaged by everyday life. Your phone might need to have its charging port flex cable repaired. These repairs can be done on-site at all of our shops. You don’t have to wonder “Why did my phone stop charging?” We have the answer.

Contact any of our shops for more information on scheduling an appointment or setting up a mail-in repair.

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