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Android, as one of the most popular operating systems on the planet, is never short of new and exciting features for its users. It’s easy to miss out on updates from time to time with such a large and ever-growing list of features. We’ve got you covered if you want to learn about and use some valuable but sometimes overlooked Android features. Continue reading to learn about five of these highly recommended features.

You Don’t Want to Miss These Android Features

Android has never failed to excite customers with its comprehensive operating system updates since its first launch in 2008. Make sure you’re aware of these five important features if you want to make the most of everything your Android device has to offer.

  1. Split Screen

Do you dislike switching back and forth between two separate programmes? Android’s split-screen mode makes multitasking a breeze, whether you’re checking your social network updates while conversing on Google Meet or need to access Gmail while waiting for a new app to download from the Google Play Store. Users of Android 9 and later can take advantage of this useful app feature. It allows you to run two separate Android apps on your home screen at the same time. To use split-screen mode, follow these steps:

  • At the bottom of your home screen, look for the Recent Apps icon. When you arrive, tap and hold the app you want to use in split-screen mode until a menu appears.
  • Click on “Open in split-screen view.”
  • Click on the other programme you want to use after it shows at the top of your screen. Both should now be shown on the screen for you to utilise at the same time.
  1. Wifi-Direct

Wi-Fi Direct, like Bluetooth, is a novel feature that allows you to pair devices that don’t have working Wi-Fi network connections with those that do. Although it may appear to be virtually identical to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct has its own set of advantages. Unlike Bluetooth, Wi-Fi has a far longer range and can carry data at speeds of up to two gigabits per second, making it a better alternative for file sharing.

  1. App Shortcuts

Android’s App Shortcuts feature is for you if you’re always scrolling through your phone looking for the same app you use numerous times a day. Long-pressing the app icon on your Android phone brings up App Shortcuts, which allow you to access certain app features. Users of Google Conversation, for example, may quickly see recent message threads without having to initially start the programme and navigate around.

To use this function, simply press and hold any app on your Android smartphone’s home screen or app drawer for a second or two. Depending on the app, you’ll see a variety of shortcuts that you can use right away. You can even take this feature a step further and pin these shortcuts directly from the long-press menu to your device’s home screen for increased convenience.

  1. Screen Pinning

If you frequently lend your device to relatives or friends and are concerned about data privacy, Android’s screen pinning capabilities may be useful. This hidden feature lets anyone to utilise an app on your phone while keeping the rest of your data secure and confidential. When you pin an app to your home screen, it stays open until you enter in the lock screen code, which gives you full access to the rest of your smartphone.

  1. Smart Lock

As an Android user, you won’t want to neglect Smart Lock, another useful and simple built-in function. You won’t have to repeatedly enter in your PIN or scan your fingerprint to gain phone access when you’re at work, home, or another trusted location with Smart Lock activated. You can even tweak it in your Android settings to keep your phone unlocked when it detects that you’re holding it or wearing Bluetooth or wireless earbuds. Go to your Settings menu and select Security > Smart Lock to enable Smart Lock. When prompted, enter your PIN. You may customise which Smart Lock features you wish to utilise and when from here.

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